Our Therapy Outcomes

We collect information pre and post therapy about a person’s well-being, psychological problems, risk and functioning, using the Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation – Outcome Measure (CORE-OM).

Using the CORE-OM enables us to quickly track a person’s life functioning and mental well-being progress during therapy. The outcomes generated are invaluable for goal setting during treatment and inform a person’s on-going mental healthcare.

We also use the Generalised Anxiety Disorder Assessment (GAD-7) and Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9). These are self-administered questionnaires that monitor the severity of anxiety and depression and a person’s response to treatment.

Therapy Quality report

Last year our outpatient clinics helped over 160 people to feel better. We're proud of the services we offer and the positive impact our treatments have on people’s mental health and well-being.

Our last quality report showed that those who used our clinics:

• saw a reduction in their symptoms

• noticed an improvement in life functioning

• saw an increase in well-being.

Quality report

Patient satisfaction

Every month we ask our patients how satisfied they are with different areas of our service. This feedback helps us to plan, develop and continuously improve our services at our therapy clinics.

• 98% of patients recognised that they had a better understanding of their mental health issues.

• 97% of patients would recommend our service to others.

• 88% of patients felt they could deal with their mental health problem in the future.

“I do look forward to my sessions; it’s the only time I feel I can talk truly and in confidence.”

Private therapy patient