Why should I go private for my mental healthcare and wellbeing?

More people than ever before are accessing mental health and wellbeing support at St Andrew’s Therapy. Here are some of the reasons why:

Fast accurate diagnosis and access to treatment

We aim to arrange your first appointment with a Consultant Psychiatrist or Psychologist as soon as possible with no waiting times. 

Clinical expertise

Many of our clinicians are leaders in their respective fields. You can be assured that you are being cared for by a Psychiatrist or Psychologist who has the knowledge and experience from working at St Andrew’s Healthcare to help you manage or overcome your mental health problem.

Tailored care plans

If you are suffering from a mental health problem it is a problem unique to you. For that reason we believe in tailored care which is developed with you, for you. We work hard to understand your situation and the things which maybe affecting your situation. We believe, based on years of experience, that this is the best way to help you overcome your mental health problem.

Convenient appointment times to suit you

You can choose when you want to meet with your therapist for an assessment or therapy session. We will work with you to make sure that your therapy has as little disruption to your life as possible.

Continuity of care

In the majority of cases you will be seen by the same Psychologist throughout your therapy treatment. This will help with your progress and ensure that communication is consistent to achieve the best possible outcomes for you. Your therapist will work with you at each session to help you understand your mental health problem and help you learn the skills you need to overcome difficult situations. If for any reason you are required to see another therapist, your therapist will ensure a smooth handover and you will be kept well informed of any change to your treatment.

A comfortable and calm experience

Throughout any assessment and therapy care you will have a number of questions and concerns. Throughout our service you will be kept well informed of what is happening and the next steps. Your therapist will ensure you are comfortable with each situation and any activities you are asked to do to aid your treatment.