How do I access private medical insurance (PMI)?

One of the main ways to pay for psychological therapy is by using private medical insurance (PMI). You could be paying into an individual or family policy, or you may have cover through work. Private medical insurance is there to help fund healthcare when you need it most. This includes mental healthcare such as depression, anxiety or stress.

Private medical insurers often cover different services and may have a limit for certain procedures or treatments. St Andrew’s Therapy will always provide you with a quote for the treatment you have been recommended, which you can then check with your PMI about funding.

Many of the people who seek help from us use private medical insurance to cover the price of our assessments and therapy sessions.

In all cases we recommend you follow these simple steps:

1. Talk to your GP about your symptoms and ask them to refer you to St Andrew’s Therapy for an assessment.

You can mention to your GP that you have access to private medical insurance. Your GP will inform you of options, which will include services with the NHS however if you would prefer to access help privately and use your PMI you have the right to choose this option.

Your GP can provide you with a referral form so you are able to make the referral to us or they can make the referral on your behalf by calling 01604 616 050 or emailing

2. Call us on 01604 616050 to book your first appointment. If your GP has made the referral on your behalf, we will contact you directly to arrange a convenient time for your appointment. We aim to offer your first appointment within one week of your completed referral form.

3. Call your insurance provider to activate your PMI. Make sure you have the referral details to hand as your insurer will need the information to confirm you are covered by your policy. Your insurer will require the following details when you call them:

• Recommended care justification – completed as part of the referral form. You should inform your GP if you have a preferred clinic or clinician you wish to use so they can include it in this section

• Membership number – of your PMI

• Referral details – including who you have been referred to and where you would like to go for treatment

Once your private medical insurance has confirmed payment for your treatment we will deal directly with them to organise payment, allowing you to concentrate on getting better. If you require further therapy than initially agreed you will need to inform your PMI.

We work with all major insurers so can assist you at every stage to answer any questions you may have during the claims process.