Liz Ritchie - Integrative Psychotherapist

My name is Liz Ritchie, and I am an integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor

As an Integrative Psychotherapist I am able to draw on techniques from a number of different approaches to personalise your therapy in accordance with your explicit and implicit personal needs. These approaches include CBT, Psychodynamic, Person Centred Therapy and mindfulness.


As a psychotherapeutic counsellor, Liz can support patients to explore painful and overwhelming issues which are affecting day-to-day life, including challenging behaviour, anger, grief, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, dysfunctional sleep patterns and parenting issues.

This may be done through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic approaches, Person Centred Therapy and Mindfulness. 

Career history

Liz has been a therapist in medium secure forensic environment for 28 years. During this time she has worked extensively with emotionally unstable personality disorders, schizo-affective disorders, autistic spectrum disorder, progressive neurological disorders and eating disorders.

Liz is currently supporting the parliamentary Youth Select committee with implementing new policies on “A Body Confident Future.”